Have you ever been watching a live or recorded MMA match and noticed one or both of the fighters having painted toenails? It’s not often that you see men with painted nails and you may know that some female MMA fighters aren’t really the nail polish type, so you may ask, “Why is it important that some MMA fighters paint their toenails?”

There are a number of reasons why MMA fighters paint their toenails but one of the biggest reasons is to prevent their toenails from chipping, cracking, and splitting while they are fighting.

Keep reading to learn more about other possible reasons why MMA fighters paint their toenails and also learn about some ways to take care of your toenails.

Why Do Some MMA Fighters Paint Their Toenails?

If an MMA fighter chooses to paint their toenails, they can choose from a variety of different colors. Let’s review some of the reasons that may influence the type and color of the nail polish.


MMA fighters, just like any other celebrity or influencer, have people who approach them for sponsorship deals. The MMA fighter would choose which nail polish color would be appropriate depending on who or what the sponsor is.

For example, if a company were to approach an MMA fighter and their overall company colors were red, pink, green, blue, and yellow, then instead of that person doing something that is in the audience’s face as a way to promote, the MMA fighter is able to do something more subtle like painting their toenails those specific colors.

Painting their toenails is an easy way to promote a company. When they get interviewed the reporter, just curiously, could ask them about their toenails, and the MMA fighter can say that it is part of a sponsorship and then subsequently talk about the company that they are promoting.

To Prevent Cracking and Splitting

MMA fighters work on their feet a lot. There is a lot of kicking and foot grabbing from the opponent. Along with having to stand for a long period of time, this can do a significant amount of damage to their feet. This amount of damage, if not treated properly, causes the toenails nails to first chip, then crack, and finally start splitting.

Using nail polish helps prevent the potential splitting of the toenails while they are in a match with their opponent. However, too much nail polish could be a potential cause for their toenails to become brittle so there has to be a balance with the number of times that they use nail polish on their toenails.

It is suggested by experts that you should wait in-between a few weeks before deciding to wear nail polish on your toes, again. Despite the benefit of preventing your toenails from cracking and splitting, wearing nail polish on your toenails all the time can cause them to break easily while you’re in a match.

It is important to give your toenails breathing room before deciding to wear nail polish again, as while you are wearing the nail polish it can soak into your nails, which causes them to dry and, in turn, become brittle and break easily.

Expressing Themselves

There are MMA fighters who decide to use clear-colored nail polish as a way to be more discreet because they, especially males, do not want others to know that they use nail polish.

But some MMA fighters, both male and female, use colorful nail polish as a way to express themselves and to stand out even more.

Hide How Bad Their Toenails Look

Some people have bad-looking feet, let alone toenails. This is especially true after a fight. Using nail polish is a way for the fighters to temporarily hide how bad their feet can look.

Some are able to hide it temporarily and treat their feet later, but there are others who are just not entirely sure as to how to take care of their feet before and after an MMA match. Don’t just ignore bad toenails, see if there is a way to treat them.

Ways to Take Care of Your Toenails

It is not recommended that MMA fighters always wear nail polish. The toenails need to be able to breathe. While waiting in between the painting period, there are other helpful ways to take care of toenails and prevent them from splitting and becoming brittle.


When necessary, clip your toenails after taking a shower or a bath. Your toenails are still warm and soft enough to clip and can prevent sharp edges.

Another way to soften your toenails before clipping is using cuticle oil. One type of cuticle oil to check out is Cuccio Naturale Milk and Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil.

Wear Socks and Shoes

Wear socks and properly fitting shoes more often than flip-flops when you go out. Enough said.

If Necessary, Take Vitamins

It is important to make sure that you are getting the right amount of nutrients, especially for your nails. Weak nails can lead to certain diseases or conditions, such as psoriasis.

Along with eating more healthy meals, you can also supplement vitamins to help facilitate healthy toenail growth and maintenance. You can also look into Biotin Gummies if necessary.


MMA fighters paint their toenails to prevent nail damage. However, that isn’t enough to completely take care of your toenails.

Toenail maintenance is a process. Altogether, maintaining healthy toenails can take over a year.