When you first acquire a new pair of boxing gloves, they appear shiny and smooth. If not well handled, your boxing gloves might start peeling off after some time, but why?

Your boxing gloves may start peeling off if you remove them incorrectly after use, expose them to too much sunlight or if you handle and store them improperly. Wear and tear due to repeated use and old age might also make your boxing gloves peel off.

We’ll explain how these factors can cause your boxing gloves to start peeling off and how you can keep them in excellent condition and extend their useful life.

1. Removing Your Boxing Gloves the Wrong Way

You shouldn’t use your teeth to remove your gloves or pull them off using excessive force. These methods can leave a scratch or tear on the surface, which is bound to worsen over time. When you want to remove your gloves, gently release the velcro and unlace them.

2. Exposing Your Boxing Gloves to Too Much Sunlight

Drying out your boxing gloves in the sun after washing them is okay. But don’t keep them in the sun for too long!

Your boxing gloves can become too dry and crack when left out in the sun for longer than necessary. These cracks will eventually expand, and your gloves will start peeling off.

3. Improper Handling and Storage

You shouldn’t keep your boxing gloves on rough surfaces. These surfaces can scratch or tear your gloves. It’s better to hang them somewhere or keep them in a bag with a soft inner lining.

Surfaces generally have friction that can lead to gradual wear and tear. It’s only a matter of time before a scratch or tear deteriorates to peeling.

4. Old Age

Boxing gloves have an average lifespan of 1-2 years. If you use them frequently, they’ll eventually wear and tear.

No matter how sturdy they are or how much you pamper them, your boxing gloves will eventually get old and weak, and some will begin to peel off. At this point, it’s time to get a new pair.

How to Care for Your Boxing Gloves

If you want your boxing gloves to last long, you must take good care of them. Consider the following essential tips.

care for your boxing gloves

Dry Your Boxing Gloves After Use

Dry out your boxing gloves every time you use them. When you train or fight, your hands tend to sweat, and your gloves will absorb the sweat if you don’t allow them enough time to dry.

Drying your boxing gloves is an important part of maintenance as it not only extends their useful life but also prevents sweat build-up, which often leads to a foul smell.

You can dry your boxing gloves out in the sun, but as mentioned earlier, don’t keep them in the sun for too long, lest they crack and start peeling off over time.

Alternatively, you can air them in an open space. You can also put old newspapers inside your gloves. The paper will absorb the sweat or moisture inside them.

Clean Your Boxing Gloves Regularly

Regularly cleaning your boxing gloves will keep them fresh and extend their lifespan. You can clean your boxing gloves in several ways.

  • Spray your gloves with vinegar and water solution. Mix half vinegar and half water solution and spray them inside and outside your gloves. Then use a towel to clean it.
  • Clean and moisturize gloves. Clean gloves with a towel, and apply a glove conditioner after usage to avoid breakage.

Protect from Dirt

The inner part of your gloves quickly absorbs sweat and collects dirt. This can lead to microbial growth, which can affect your skin.

You can protect this inner area in the following ways.

  • Use hand wraps. Hand wraps protect the gloves from directly absorbing the sweat from your hands.
  • Clean your hands before wearing the gloves. Clean hands help reduce the spread of bacteria in your gloves. Before putting on your gloves, wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer.

When You Need New Boxing Gloves

Your boxing gloves will eventually need replacement at some point. It may be sooner or later, depending on usage and care.

new boxing gloves

The following are tell-tale signs that your beloved boxing gloves need replacement.

  • When the smell doesn’t go away after airing: Sweat accumulation in your boxing gloves can cause them to give off an unpleasant smell. This smell should go away when you dry or air them. However, if airing no longer eliminates the odor, it’s probably time to get a new pair of boxing gloves.
  • When the velcro is loose: If your gloves’ velcro (strap) is loose, they won’t be tight on your hands. You can’t practice or fight with a loose glove. You can fix this by either sewing in a new velcro or getting a new pair of gloves.
  • When the foam has grown thin: Constant use of your gloves will wear out the foams inside your gloves. The gloves may look normal outside, but the foams may have grown thin inside. At this point, it may no longer be ideal or safe to continue training or fighting with it.

Things You Should Never Do with Your Boxing Gloves

You shouldn’t do certain things with your boxing gloves, at least if you want them to last.

  • Don’t wash your boxing gloves in a washing machine.
  • Don’t soak your gloves in water.
  • Don’t leave them in the sun for too long.
  • Don’t store them when wet.
  • Keep them away from children.
  • Avoid squeezing your boxing gloves.
  • Don’t keep your gloves in an enclosed place with no air – your car trunk, bag, wardrobe, etc., as they need air.


The state of your boxing gloves is important whether you’re boxing professionally or doing it as a hobby. Boxing gloves can start peeling off due to several reasons, including:

  • Removing your boxing gloves the wrong way.
  • Exposing your gloves to too much sunlight.
  • Improper handling and storage.
  • Old age.

Your boxing gloves should last up to two years if you care for them properly. Recommended measures include drying or airing out to eliminate moisture and odor. You should also wash or sanitize your hands before putting them on.

Also, don’t wash your boxing gloves using a washing machine or soak them in water.