My Name is a Korean action series that aired on Netflix in October 2021. The series follows the story of Yoon Ji-Woo on the quest to avenge her father’s death by teaming up with a powerful criminal boss. Fight scenes are abundant throughout the series, causing fans to speculate that the cast had martial arts training to prepare for the story.

The martial arts shown in the Netflix series My Name involve a combination of techniques from different art forms. The action scenes are choreographed using elements from various fighting styles, and there’s no evidence of a predominant martial art form in the series.

Action series like My Name borrow elements from different styles, making the fights look flashy and fun to watch. In this article, we’ll explore the martial arts elements that formed a part of the Netflix series My Name.

kind of martial art was shown in the netflix series my name

The Cast Had To Attend Action School

Instead of enrolling in a martial arts dojang, the entire My Name cast (at least those who were fighting in the series) went under extensive ‘action training’ for two months before the show was filmed. This training involved learning elements and movements from different martial art forms.

The protagonist Yoon Ji-Woo (played by Korean actress Han So Hee), was required to undergo two additional months of training as most of the fight scenes involved her active participation.

The cast was coached by a martial arts director who taught them the fundamentals of specific movements and how to perform them realistically on camera. So while there was no predominant martial art form in the series, there were particular movements that martial arts enthusiasts would instantly recognize.

Martial Arts Used in the Series

As mentioned, the film used elements of specific martial arts, and some of the cast members were drilled in the fundamentals of these art forms.


The initial scenes in the series have actress Han So Hee exhibiting elements from MMA, and there’s no discernable art form in the first few scenes.

MMA is a martial art that borrows elements from various art forms, allowing fighters to develop a unique style consisting of different elements. This fighting style involves strikes with legs and hands, grappling maneuvers, wrestling, and plenty of floorwork. While you may not see all the aspects of MMA in the series, there are some in the beginning.


You can find elements of Hapkido throughout the series, and the cast was probably training in it, considering it’s a Korean martial art form. Hapkido is a hybrid martial art that utilizes strikes, kicks, and punches, along with grappling and throwing techniques.

Hapkido also uses momentum and balance as leverage to overcome stronger opponents: the perfect style for the protagonist when she’s outnumbered by many men.

Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do is an ancient Korean martial art form, similar to karate, that borrows elements from Subak and Chinese martial arts. Tang Soo Do was adapted by different Kwans (Korean martial arts schools) to define their approach to fighting and create a unique style.

A practitioner will be able to identify some elements of Tang Soo Do throughout the film, and the cast was likely trained in some of its techniques.

tang soo do

Other Martial Arts Used

Actress Han So Hee also took inspiration from movies with lead female characters fighting off several opponents. Two of the films she has mentioned in interviews are Atomic Blonde and The Old Guard.

In Atomic Blonde, Charlize Theron was required to train in ancient and modern fighting styles, including Silat, Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, and even Pankration! While Theron didn’t focus on any particular style, she combined techniques from different martial arts that she could quickly deploy on camera.

In the movie The Old Guard, the lead actress (once again, Charlize Theron) also trained with knives, sticks, and other weapons to fight enemies throughout the film.

My Name’s Han So Hee took inspiration from this and drilled different techniques that she eventually came to master and use throughout the series.

As Hee mentions, her main concern was injuring the other cast members during the action sequences, and she would drill techniques every day to ensure she got the sequence just right.

Final Thoughts

The Netflix series My Name doesn’t depict any particular martial art form but combines the elements of several to create a unique, gripping fighting style for viewers to enjoy. And while the cast may not be martial arts masters, they are certainly well trained, making the fights realistic and convincing.

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