Martial arts is a wonderful activity to partake in not only for your physical health but for your mental health. Many children love the atmosphere but it’s not just for children, adults can do it too. Judo is a wonderful form of martial arts that anyone can learn.

There are many factors that Judo can be as hard or easy as you make it out to be. You will find that you can learn at your own pace and will excel depending on your motivation. You have the freedom to choose.

Judo isn’t something to be taken lightly though. It is a great activity to do and will help improve your life. Here is everything you need to know about Judo before you begin your journey on this venture.

How Hard Is It To Learn Judo

Although many may think that Judo is a technique to fight, it is much more than that. It has more to it than just fighting and defeating an enemy. It will help strengthen your mental and physical health. It will also teach you respect and discipline.

It is best that you learn Judo through a professional and not by yourself. You can end up injuring yourself and possibly learning the techniques incorrectly which can lead to long-term issues. They can help you improve in ways you cannot do on your own.

If you are interested in practicing Judo, just take into consideration that this is not a fast track to being a fighting master and will take both commitment and determination. You will need to be physically capable of falling to the ground and getting back up.

You can practice the basics if you want to merely use Judo for self-defense but if you are searching to master this martial art, you will find that you will have to be consistent. You will have to learn how to move to defend yourself and figure out how to balance yourself as you face off against an opponent.

People of all ages participate in Judo. You will find young children practicing or older adults. It can be for everyone because you set the speed of your training. You don’t have to overexert yourself if that’s what you choose to do.

You don’t have to go into Judo trying to master it as a whole. You can decide to join Judo as a hobby. More advanced techniques are learned over time and if you want to complete your training altogether. You don’t have to “level up” if you don’t want to.

How Long Does It Take To Learn

When you begin Judo, it is often an activity that you do for your benefit but you can also choose to focus on mastery. If you are trying to learn the basics but become a little fluent in Judo, it will take around a few years, but you can find yourself getting a black belt within three to six years.

If you are looking more for mastery, it could take up to 10 years. You will receive different colored belts for each level of training you have completed. Remember, you can be quite experienced and still not have completed the highest level of training.

Important Things To Know About Judo

When you think of Judo, many often think that it is just fighting and about defeating an opponent. Although this is part of the Judo program, it is also about balance both physically and mentally.

Judo condemns anyone who is purposefully trying to harm another person. This means you don’t go out and start fighting people because you now have some techniques learned. Martial arts should be respected as it is a respectful sport.

When you begin your training, you will learn these basics before really delving deep into your training:

  • The purpose and etiquette of Judo.
  • The rules.
  • What to expect in training.
  • The different techniques.
  • Learn about the equipment and how to use it.

You will also learn more about the uniform, also called a judogi, and what its purpose is. It is important to have this uniform or you will not be able to partake in any Judo activities.


Judo is a great sport to learn. It will teach you many techniques to protect yourself as well as train you mentally and teach you the etiquette of martial arts. It just takes a little consistency and determination to keep going. You can do it as long as you put your mind to it.