Before I dive into this “ah ha” post, let me say that the soreness from Saturday’s project lasted until the end of Sunday. It was surprisingly short-lived. It was the type of feel-good soreness, a body’s accomplished relaxation mode, not the injury soreness.

Anyway, I ate at Wendy’s for lunch yesterday. Bad decision, I know. I’m in a terrible cycle of eating fast food for lunch on the weekdays.

I’ve decided to break this habit after this particular lunch. Afterward, I felt horrible. I was in agonizing pain all day. So much that I had to call in today for work. The pain is mostly gone but I have this weird, uneasy feeling.

I’m not sure if it’s my body saying “hey, stop eating greasy crap for lunch every day,” incompetence of Wendy’s employees (it’s a low wage, low skill job with people who largely don’t care), or drawing the short straw for food poisoning. Either way, it was the last straw. If I do eat fast food again, you better believe it will be a while, and it won’t be Wendy’s.

One good thing happened today though, well, besides having the day off. I decided to step onto the scale to weigh myself after talking about weight goals with a friend. He weighs about 196 and wants to get down to the 185-190 range.

I haven’t weighed myself in a while so I decided to put my curiosity to rest. What I saw on the display surprised me. I’m down to 237. I’m not close to where I ultimately want to be, but my goodness, I can’t complain. Even with little exercise, I’m losing weight.

I’m going to shoot for a wrap tomorrow for lunch. I’m not going to completely overhaul my diet, just making little changes for the better.

Try making 1 small change in your diet today; whether it’s taking an extra helping of veggies or simply enjoying your meal in a healthier fashion (grilled chicken wrap vs. a fried chicken sandwich).

Rome can’t be built overnight but it can be built. Make a healthy decision and be happy with the courage and determination it took to make this decision.